Saatvik Recipes

   Saatvik recipes that I have included here does not contain any NEGATIVE PRANIC INGREDIENTS like Garlic, Onion,Chilli(Green/Red), Milk products, Brinjal, Asafetida, White or Processed Grains. Recipes here are clean, easily digestible and completely perfect for healthy life style now that said it doesnt mean that you can eat as much as you like. There is a saying in Malayalam language "Adhigyam aayal amruthammum visham" meaning "More of Elixir is also a poison". 

   If you decide to follow Saatvik life style make sure to include as much as raw vegetables and fruits into your diet, use unprocessed natural grains, eat with a minimum of 6-8 hrs of gap between your meals, eat your food consciously understanding how it will effect your body, Drink water when you are thirsty, Treat your body with much gratitude because if our body cannot work efficiently then we would be completely disabled in every way possible. Understand body is like a machine and it needs pure fuel to work effortlessly. Keep your Mind/Thoughts/Emotions pure. Learn some yoga and meditation and practice them everyday.

   There are so many ways to get slaved to your taste buds and get addicted to overcooked,unhealthy,fast foods. When we understand Food is not for your taste buds but it is for your complete health and it is the main source of how you feel and how your energies behave am sure everyone will eat very consciously. Hope these recipes will make you understand that there is so many ways to cook without onion or garlic or  chillies. There are recipes that is equally tastier when cooked just right and not overcooked to kill the nutrients in them. 

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