All About Us!

Small History :)

           There was a life earlier for me and my hubby - 10 hours of work, 3 hours of travel, 6 hours of sleep, 5 hours of extra extra. Then came our little bundle of joy, who turned my world upside down. it was not easy for me to take that change, but what  keeps me going is the feel she gives me every time that "I am the world for someone who is calling me Amma".
           In about 6 months after her birth we moved to the USA. Different people, culture and way of life. This was the time I started cooking. I love cooking for my hubby for these reasons "he is always happy with whatever I serve, he never insists for anything specific, never complains, never troubles". When you have a hubby like that, you will always want to treat him with good food :). This was how my cooking interest improved.

Now About me & My Inspiration,

            I am Divya Shivaraman. Born in Kerala, Brought up in Chennai. A big fan of street foods, die hard fan of Pani poori. Other than cooking, my hobby list also includes painting and photography. Blog was never an idea for me. When my best friend and blogger Radhika Vasanth of Food For 7 Stages of Life spoke about her blog and photography interest - That simply inspired me. I am so thankful to her because she made me blog today. 

About my Critic & Cooking Guru's,

             From searching a name for my blog, design, presentation, also selecting which recipe to post - my hubby does help me. He is the best critic I have. His support is another strength that helps me run my blog. I am very thankful to him. 
          "Where are my recipes from?" Many recipes are the ones I learnt from my Mom, Grand mom and MIL. It includes my trials, recipes from my friends and colleagues. There are bookmarked recipes from Magazines and inspired one's from blogs that I note in my recipe book but I take the method and input my ideas to twist these recipes. I look up to thank the author's of the blog in my post too. 

About Dishing with Divya,

             Dishing with Divya is a food blog that features recipes after trial and error sessions in my kitchen. I started this blog with the intention of sharing the recipes with others which I tried personally. I post my recipes only if its approved by my food critic - My hubby! also includes his colleagues(They taste his lunch - howz that!). I encourage you to adjust the ingredients according to your taste when you try the recipes from my blog and please do not forget to post your feedback. 
          So enjoy your cooking! because recipes from Dishing with divya are not just for your plate but also for your tummy :)

Bigggg...Thank you!

  •  Thank you my Viewers, Google followers, Facebook followers, Co-Bloggers for taking time to run through my post and post your honest comments. Truth is they are always my boosting medicines. 
  •  Thank you Co-Bloggers who are hosting wonderful blog events through which i am able to showcase my recipes.

Note it down :

             I am yet to be a good photographer, improved blogger but that does not mean that anyone can copy things from my blog. It takes time and hard work to Plan, Photograph, Present, Post so please respect the work and ask before you use my contents or pictures. 

Last but not least, there is nothing as wonderful as reading your comments, 
recipe requests etc so please Feel free to mail me to

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  1. Hi Divya, Thanks for visiting my blog, leaving a comment and becoming a member. Every member is so precious to me. It motivates and inspires every time some one leaves a comment. I loved your picture and your daughter's picture on the same spot. You've got lovely recipes in your blog accompanied by lovely write ups. Love to reciprocate your loving gesture.

  2. Nice meeting you divya... you have a lovely collection... I am ur new follower..

    1. Thank you for stopping by divya...glad to follow your lovely blog too

  3. Hi Divya,
    Just wanted to let you know , i am mot able to view your post "Beetroot cookies". I have directly come to your blog and have tried accessing form my dashboard also. It says "the post that you ask for does not exist". I am sure the cookies must be delectable. Personally, i am a big fan of beets. Hoping to read your post ....
    love and best wishes,

    1. Thank you for letting me know was by mistake that i posted that day but recipe is on the way...thank you dear

  4. Thanks for stopping by n joining Divya,very happy to follow you too,see you around :)

  5. i love the new look hnybn.... !!!


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