March 20, 2016

Meal Plan Week One

              Hey Everyone, Its been two and half months that I started trying out meal planning and cooking accordingly. This new year meal planning was also in my resolution list and yes I am able to keep up till now. What is the big thing about planning your meals ahead? This is the question I had in my mind when I use to see meal planning posts but trust me for a working women or for a homemaker this meal planning gives a wider Idea for the week and gives us time to think about other things for the day than just thinking about what is to be cooked for dinner/lunch/breakfast. 

Meal Plan For Week One

Moreover I reduced having left overs, I reduced wasting vegetables, Could choose wider options in regards to cooking and trying out varieties in every other meal. I Cook only twice a day so this plan is the way my kitchen works so make additions or take choices or follow the same and get more time for your "ME TIME" than planning for the next meal. 

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