December 30, 2014

Best Recipes of 2014

                 2014 is coming to a close. As everyone is preparing for a New Year ahead with loads of dreams and wishes, so do my family and me. 2014 was a positive year for us as we were also able to fight back bad times with a smile. Back in India when we watch TV News I always wondered about the Time square Ball Drop event. Never imagined I would land up in the USA those days. Now moving from Chicago to PA also helped me to come closer to New York. Not sure if I will be able to  go to the ball drop but sure will be around to have the fun of New Year 2015. I had a wonderful time sharing our family favorite recipes through my blog. For all the readers and wonderful friends of mine who stop by my blog - wishing you a great New year ahead. Let this year bring you more happiness and strength. Have Fun and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 everyone. 

Here are the Best Recipes from my blog this year that had overwhelming response :). 

1. Corn on the cob with Roasted Garlic Butter

2. Sinh To Bo / Vietnamese Avocado Milkshake

3. Caipirinha 

4. Egg Puffs

5. Eggless Coconut Cookies

6. Strawberry Jam 

7. Caramelized Pineapple With Mint

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