July 31, 2014


            Wow - Finally I'm posting a Cocktail! Have had it many times before but never prepared them personally at home (Hope my dad will not read this post - I am still scared of him knowing that someone(Me) drinks - Sweating and Finger's crossed). I had some Cachaca stored in our pantry unopened, which was a gift for my hubby from his Brazilian friend long time back and when Food Network had Cocktail for this week's Summer Soiree I was happy that I could make use of it :) - Thanks to my hubby for leaving this bottle of liquor untouched for such a long time, came quite handy..

           Caipirinha ("kye-pur-een-yah) is a legendary Brazilian Cocktail using Cachaca. Cachaca is the liquor used in this recipe which is a distilled spirit prepared using sugarcane juice says my friend wikipedia. Cachaca are of two types unaged(White) and aged(Yellow). I felt Cachaca a bit stronger when compared to regular rum and I read that unaged or clear Cachaca is the best for cocktails.

This is a simple cocktail to make using 4 ingredients - Crushed lime, Cachaca, Sugar and Ice Cubes. Variations include using berries like blueberry or raspberry for the intense bold flavors. Try with some tropical fruits like pineapple too. This is sure to take you to the beach shore of Rio - Say Cheers!

Ingredients: (Serves 2 people)
  • Cachaca - 4 oz
  • Lime - 1 no (1/2 lime per person, do remove the center part and dice them)
  • Sugar - 4 teaspoon (or) 2 oz of simple syrup (Increase/Decrease)
  • Ice cubes - as needed (Crushed or regular)
(Sugar or Simple syrup can be increased or decreased according to your need. Have an Old fashioned glass and some lime wheels for garnishing. Salt on the borders of glass is stylish and tasty too).

  • Cut lemon by half and remove the center part. Dice them and add that to an old fashioned glass.

  • Now muddle sugar and lime together until the juice and oil of lime comes out and sugar is dissolved.

  • Fill the glass with Crushed/Regular ice cubes and Cachaca. Stir briefly and garnish with a lime wheel or wedge.

Say Cheers!

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