November 14, 2013

Brussels Sprouts with Plain Omelette

       Brussels Sprouts are Vegetable similar to cabbage, I can say like mini versions of them. Taste is pretty strong when it comes to these leafy bundles. This is the recipe I tried for my Brunch today. One super easy recipe that can be made in very little time and few ingredients that are always available in your pantry.

This is a stir fry with Egg and Brussels Sprouts and I served my self with a bread and omlette along with it. Make your family taste vegetables in this tasty recipe. Serving method is also mentioned below.

(Recipe serves 4 people)

For Stir Fry :
Onion - 1/2 cup (Finely chopped)
Brussels Sprouts - 6 no's (Finely chopped)
Egg - 2 no's
Olive oil - 2 teaspoon
Salt - as needed
Pepper - as needed
Parmesan cheese - 1/2 tablespoon (Grated)
Water - 4 tablespoon

For Omlette:
Egg - 4 no's (1 egg per person, stir fry recipe serves 4)
Milk - 4 tablespoons
Whole grain Bread - 4 slices
Salt - as needed


For Stir Fry:
  • Whisk 2 eggs in a separate bowl. Take a pan, heat Olive oil, add chopped onions with salt, saute until they are soft and transparent. Add in chopped Brussels sprouts and sprinkle some water, close with a lid and cook on medium low flame (5 to 7 minutes) until they are tender. Now add whisked eggs and stir well to combine everything. Once eggs are cooked completely and it looks flaky, switch off.
  • Add Parmesan cheese, Pepper stir well. This can be used as side with rice or fill in with some chicken inside pita bread too.

For Omlette:
  • Beat the eggs with milk and salt. Heat a Griddle, Pour them to the size of small pancakes and cook both sides.

For Serving:
  • Take a plate, Place the bread, then layer with Omlette and then top with Stir fry. Serve with some Mozzarella cheese on top if needed.

Simply DIG - IN....

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  1. Divya that does look really appetizing I should try brussels sprouts with egg and cheese.

  2. Nice way to pep up plain omelette..
    Keep in touch,

  3. I love Brussels sprout usually I make stir fry with them combo with omelette is wonderful .

  4. Wow, a great way to have brussels , looks yum

  5. healthy start to the day.. i will try it coz i am not a fan of brussels but buy them for making curry for my hubby..

  6. Awesome combination. I somehow how difficulties eating bread but my other half simply loves it. I shall eat the mixture of sprouts with omelette and add the bread on top for him.

  7. lovely Divya, I am not a great fan of brussels sprouts, but looks like I should give it a shot....

  8. thats an interesting way to finish off brussel sprouts :)

  9. this sounds interesting to me even though I am not a fan of brussel sprouts...will give it a try soon

  10. Looks totally healthy and yummy!!

  11. Omlet with sprouts wow perfect healthy breakfast :)

  12. glorious dish...will be making this for breakfast tomorrow :-)


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