March 10, 2013

My First LIEBSTER award

Woo hoo my First LIEBSTER award:

               I think this March month is extremely special for me. It all started with an Event win and now with my first liebster award from my blogging buddy - Saranya Palanisami of Sara's Tasty Buds. Thank you Saranya because - a person needs a big heart to share and a bigger heart to appreciate. You have one.

Something about Liebster Award:
  • Liebster is "Dearest" in German. This is  like a chain letter, a blogger to blogger award.
  • Thank the person by whom we were nominated and answer the questions they have for us.
  • Write some random facts about us. 
  • We nominate bloggers with less than 200 readers and prepare our special questions for them and pass on making them aware of the award - isn't that cool.
Below are some Random facts about me
  1. Chocolate is my favorite flavour.
  2. Books are my sleep medicine.
  3. I do what I love to do - so I don't blame any one for the end results.
  4. I don't trust future, so I live my TODAY.
  5. I am proud to carry my dad's name as surname.
  6. I am crazy in cleaning my kitchen - cannot sleep well leaving my counter top dirty.
  7. Have a crazy habit of keeping the things in the same place. I mean if its sugar next to tea powder, I don't let coffee powder bottle to come in between - crazy right!
  8. Coffee freak.
  9. Music is something I love. From hearing to singing I give a try :).
  10. Not a double minded person.
  11. I always choose "Heads" in coin toss.

Questions From my Nominator

1.Tell us about yourself?
    Independent woman who loves to work with total dedication in anything that I take up. Crazy for chocolates and never worried about calories.

2. Your likes and dislikes?
    Likes : Chocolate,Coffee,Puppies,Chicken,Photography,Walking and more.
    Dislikes : Caramel,Raw milk,Competition,Comparison and more.

3. Your childhood passion?
    Nothing in specific.

4. Tell us about your love to cooking?
    Not sure when my love for cooking started. I am very specific that people who eat my food should feel satisfied and that is how I started to cook.

5. Tell us about your role model?
    My Dad - Only person who dedicated his life time and happiness for making my mom, me and my sister happy. Now he is doing it for my daughter too - love you dad!

6. Your first experience with cooking?
    I still remember that was Pavakka poriyal for my dad's lunch when I was doing my 9th standard.  
7. Other than cooking , what are all the hobbies you have?
    Painting, Photography, Craft making.

8. When was your blog started and whom was your inspiration ?
    I started my blog by Oct'11 but my first post was on July'12 and i would say July 20th 2012 was when everything started. My Inspiration is Radhika Vasanth of Food for 7 stages of life. She is the reason am blogging today. 

9. How will you select the recipes for your blog ?
   "Where are my recipes from?" Many recipes are the ones I learnt from my Mom, Grand mom and MIL. It includes my inventions, recipes from my friends and colleagues. There are bookmarked recipes from Magazines and inspired one's from blogs that I note in my recipe book but I take the method and input my ideas to twist these recipes. just replication will not serve the quality of my blog and recipes you know. I look up to thank the author's of the blog in my post too.   

10 . What is your favorite recipe which you cook ?
       "Pacha ulli Thamandhi" - I simply love it and I make that everytime when i have my dosa.

11 . Do you think blogging has got you more friends and introduced you to more people. How do you feel about that?
      Absolutely. Blogging helped me get new buddies. More friendly people who appreciate my work and also advice. It makes me feel happy and motivated.

 Questions For my Nominees

  1. Why did you choose "Your Blog's name" for your blog?
  2. What made you blog and why?
  3. What makes your blog special from others?
  4. What was the difficult recipe to cook till now(more time, ingredients, preparation etc)?
  5. What was one creative recipe from your blog?
  6. Do you have any dedicated recipe for someone on your blog post?
  7. Do you have any viewer suggested recipe in your blog?
  8. Your best food critic from family?
  9. How did you feel about your first comment for the first recipe you posted on your blog?
  10. Advice or Suggestions for new bloggers, if any?
  11. Are you going to pass your Liebster award?

With all these above questions am happy to pass this award to the below blogging buddies:

Priya of The Humpty Dumpty Kitchen
Naaz of Ammi Rasoi
Hetal of Gujarati Zaika
Nimmy of Nimmy's Kitchen
Nisha of A food express to unleash your inner foodie
Vidhya of Akshaypatre Recipes
Shree of Shreez Kitchen
Aparna of Home Style Veg food
Preetha of Preethi's Bhojan 
Helen of All about my world 
Vaish of A side of food

Would really appreciate if you guys could post me after your acceptance. Thank you guyz...


  1. Congrats Divya,I recieved this award just a few days back.Thank you so much for considering me for the award.Happy to follow you :)

  2. that so cool divya..
    get to know much about you :)

  3. Dear Divya,

    Congrats...... And thank you so much for nominating for your award. This is my 2nd liebsteraward this month itself :-)

    Thank u.

  4. Congrats Divya on the award. It was good getting to know you more. I love books too - though I'm very selective on what I read. Thanks for passing the award too!

  5. Hi Divya,
    Congrats, and thanks you so much for nominating for your award. Today i received this award from Amallia Eka Widyastuti too.

    1. Thank you hetal, thats good so you have two :)

      Thanks ....Divya

    3. Thank you hetal, its so respecting.

  6. Thank you so much :) Means a lot to me!
    Following you as well :D
    Excited to do the post, will put it up asap!

  7. Congrats dear. loved reading more abt u

    1. Thank you vimi - 9th question for my nominees came up because of you. i wont forget that you were the one to follow me first and comment. thanks for that too

  8. Thank you so much for passing this on Divya! I'll be sure to talk about it in my next post! Excited to pass on the Liebster!


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