February 13, 2013

Rock Truffles

              People who love chocolate will die for truffles. I cannot explain the feeling when you eat them. They simply melt in your mouth. I love to have them cold straight from the fridge. Truffles are mostly round or square, so thought I would make these with random shape.. actually to make my job easier :) Finally they appeared to me like small rocks and thus the birth of a new name - Rock truffles.

              I made this specially in this romantic week with a message to my Daughter Valentine: "This is for you my little notty bundle of joy - I love you all day and let me make this a special way to say - Love you, Amma"


Semisweet cooking chocolate - 250 grams
Heavy Whipping cream - 2/3 cup
Butter (unsalted) - 2 tablespoons
Cocoa powder - 3 tablespoons

  • I ground them to powder using my mixer. we can also grate them in vegetable grater or chop them to fine pieces

  • Take a pan, add cream and butter. set the fire to medium and heat the cream with butter. butter melts and mixes with cream. switch off when the cream starts to boil from the sides of pan (See the third picture).

  • Now add the cream-butter mixture to the powdered chocolate and mix well. Remember just to mix from all sides and not pressure too much with mixing as its increases the air bubbles inside. cover it with a plastic wrap and refrigerate for minimum 4 hours. i kept it inside the fridge for the whole night.

  • Take out your truffle mix, keep your cocoa powder ready to dust.

  • if you want round truffles then scoop a spoon full of truffle mix and round them like chappthi dough using your hands(the chocolate will slightly melt in your hands while doing this). Dust them in the cocoa powder mix. we can also use nuts powder / powdered sugar. i did not wish to give them shape so simply scooped and dusted to my choice.

  • Truffles are ready - Close your eyes and simply enjoy the melting moments.


  1. lovely .. looks soo yummm dear :)

  2. Wow!!fabulous!! I can have few of them right now....

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    Simply TADKA

  4. Love truffles so much and the rocky shapes you have made definitely is a simple hit :) Well made dear!!

  5. These look chocolicious and scrummy.

  6. rocky truffles:)sounds great:)awesome effort:)yummy and tempting truffles:)

  7. hey! recently started following your blog... These truffles are to die for!! Lovely clicks! :)

    Visit Food-O-Mania!

  8. Delicious love this rock truffles, Yumm Divya.

  9. Truffels looks yum. First time here. lovely and clean space.
    Following you, visit mine sometime. :)

    1. Thank u pria....your site looks very much different...beautiful photography...am happy to follow you too :)


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