February 24, 2013

Kuzhal Pittu/ Kozha Puttu / Idli pittu (With Video for preparing the batter)

              Could there be a more authentic dish from Kerala than Pittu ? This is an all-time favourite breakfast in our home. My grandma makes it with Kadala curry in no time. But my favorite sides with  pittu are nendrapazham and pappadam. Well Pittu with kadala curry is just not filling but a heavenly combo in taste !!

              The way you prepare the batter (that is mixing water with rice flour) is very important. If your proportions are not right, then you might result with a hard pittu. I added a video along for easy understanding of the consistency you will require.

                Update : Am happy to update this post with step wise process to make Idli pittu. Am sure this person "Meena" will be the happiest to get this update...Thanks meena hope i kept my word.


Raw rice powder roasted - 1-1/2 cups(Idiyappam making powder)
Cold Water - 1/2 cup (Depends on the batter consistency)
Salt - 1/2 teaspoon
Grated coconut - 1 cup (i used frozen)

  • Mix rice powder with salt.

  • Sprinkle water little by little to get the required consistency. 

  • Here is the video for batter consistency.

  • Take your pittumkutti and first insert the chillu(which holds the mixture and let the steam in to cook pittu) into it. then set it properly adjusting it from the bottom. now fill the rice mixture then some coconut. thus layering them(we go for 3 layers in total).

  • Now pour water till the line of the pittukodam, place it on stove and when the steam starts to come out place your pittumkutti on the top. let it cook for about 10 minutes by that time you will see the steam coming out from the top of pittumkutti which means the pittu is done.

  • Once its cooked take a plate and push the pittu slowly from the bottom.

  • Kuzhal pittu is ready to serve with kadala curry / nendrapazham / sugar.

Updated process for making pittu using idli stand on 8th april 2013:
  • Pour water in your idli making pot and let the water steam. 

  • Layer idli stand with some grated coconut or grease with some oil(like we do for idli's for people who are interested in coconut). next layer the pittu batter on top of coconut.

  • Arrange the stand one above other to the idli pot. Steam for 10 minutes on medium flame.

  • Remove from stove and let it rest for 2 minutes. Remove the idli pittu using spoon and toss the other side with coconut while serving.

My Notes: 
  • If you do not have pittukodam at home you can place the pittumkutti directly on the pressure cooker steam nob/whistle nob(fill the cooker half with water and close when it starts boiling so the steam comes through the steam nob/whistle nob).
  • If you do not have pittukodam and pittukutti then you can prepare the same just like the way you make idli's in your idlipot or cooker. grease the idli plates and spread grated coconut,next the rice flour mixture. steam them for 7 to 10 minutes and your idli pittu is ready in no time - This version is updated above on 8th april 2013.
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  1. wow dear !! yummy kuzhal puttu :) very well explained with the video and lovely clicks ...

  2. Very nice kuzhal puttu. Perfectly done

  3. Puttum curry looks super divya.

  4. Divya, a favourite recipe. I was intrigued by the grated coconut; what kind of grater did you use. They look so fine and longer than the normal grated coconut.

    1. Thank you shri....oh thats not magical grater - its frozen coconut buddy.

  5. Thnk u fr the entry diya... Well explained nd luvd the vdeo

  6. Can we mix both coconut and rice mixture if using the idli plate???should it be made to balls shape kind of thing for placing them in idli plate or just the way the mixture is in the pic above?

    1. i don't mix. i do the same process for idli stand also. spread the coconut layer first then the rice powder and keep your stands as normal for steaming. you don't need to make balls...it should be flaky rice powder with mild wetness. i showed the ball making thing for understanding the consistency...I will soon update for idli stand in this if possible by this weekend dear...thanks meena


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