January 14, 2013

Process to clean Tender jackfruit - Illustrated by pictures

              I know many would not be aware of the method  to clean up the tender jackfruit. its a bit difficult one for starter's or people who never touched the tender jackfruit :). the process of cleaning is easier than a ripped jackfruit cleaning because tender jackfruit will have very less gummy white paste that makes your fingers sticky while cleaning. so here is how to start...

  • First apply coconut oil / cooking oil in your hand before touching the jackfruit in over to avoid the gum of the fruit sticking to your hand.
  • Cut the tender jackfruit to half and remove the stem.
  • Dice them like the picture shows.
  • Remove the skin.
  • Cut out the center nose(the hard gummy part)
  • Dice them to final required size.

Cut the jackfruit to half first.

Remove the stem part.

Dice them this way for easier skin removal.

Remove the skin.

Cut out the center nose part of jackfruit

Cut them to required size for gravy/thoran

Howz that!

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