October 25, 2012

Butter Biscuits / Nan khatai / Simple Eggless cookies

               I got this recipe from divya's recipes - Thank you divya. With little changes i baked them for the first time and my husband fell in love with this cookie. This time i am baking specially to treat our parents in india...yes am leaving for my vacation :). so packed more for my hubby and some for our parents. i cant wait to share it...

               Today when i was almost done with baking them i had my friend dropping in. i served her some fresh hot one's from oven. she was so happy tasting them and told me that it tasted just like the biscuits she purchases from a indian store. when i told her the ingredients and method she got super excited. i also got her call same evening saying that she made them right away when she reached home. how could i not share something for which i got recognition :).


All purpose flour(unbleached)/Maida  -  2 cups
Sugar - 1 cup
Butter - 1 cup or (2 sticks/16 tablespoon)
Salt  - 1/4 teaspoon
Baking soda - one pinch (extremely avoidable)
Cardamon - 2 no's

(i used double measurement of the above ingredients for more cookies)

  • Pre-heat the oven at 350'C for 5 minutes. 
  • Set the cookie tray ready with foil paper/parchment paper
  • Powder 1 cup sugar with cardamon in a mixer(It might be almost 1-1/2 cup when powdered)
  • Mix Flour,Salt,Powdered Sugar,Baking soda in a bowl
  • Add butter and make a dough (the dough will not be like chappathi batter,but it will bind well)
  • Roll them to mini balls and arrange them with a inch space on your cookie tray.
  • Place the tray on the middle rack of your oven and Bake them for 15 minutes or until the bottom is light brown.(it might be lesser time as it depends from oven to oven.make sure to check the bottom of your cookie after 10 minutes).
  • Serve or gift them for your special one's

Mix Flour,Salt,Powdered Sugar,Baking soda in a bowl

Add butter and make a dough 

Roll them to mini balls and arrange them with a inch space on your cookie tray

  • Refrigerate cookie dough for half-n-hour so that the ingredients get set. This is a optional process. i did try that method when i baked them this time.
  • If you are unable to roll them to balls then it means butter is not fully mixed with flour so just knead them for some more time.your body heat helps the butter to melt by itself.
  • Remember that if you have to bake by batches then your second or later batch will take some minutes less than normal bake time because the oven is already hot.
  • When cookies are removed you will find it soft on top sometimes, let it sit and cool down for getting its actual crisp texture.
  • When i tried them for the second time, i used 1/2 cup of butter and 2/3 cup of vegetable oil. Cookies had the same crumbling texture but was more crisp. got baked in 10 minutes.
  • We can dip the cookie in chocolate or drizzle chocolate sauce - all are part of your imagination.


  1. They look so crunchy n yummy... first time here. happy to follow

  2. This reminds of the good old days. They are my favorite.


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